Friday, 8 January 2010

反高鐡解說 + 今日全民BIG爆立法會


Dear all,

We have better high speed rail plan for Hong Kong and Hong Kong people but government SELECT THE WORTH PLAN AND NO ONE CAN GIVE THE REASON.
Actually, we're oppose the worth plan only. We support high speed rail and economic development.

Below have some info. for your easy ref.:

TVB program - News Magazine (around 10mins.)
膠鐵有幾膠特輯 (廣深港高鐵呃鬼港人實錄)

As per yesterday update survey, 47%HK people support, 45% HK people wanna oppose or stop this high speed rail plan but 59% people don't know what is high speed rail

Dr. Leung explain the better new plan (total around 10 mins.)
高鐵專家組多方面回應政府否定高鐵錦上路可行方案 Part 1

高鐵專家組多方面回應政府否定高鐵錦上路可行方案 Part 2

All the government's answer is discredited and wrong but main stream television(above news magazie program is big surprise) and news paper also follow it.
That's why many people still don't know this high speed rail plan will loss huge amount in coming two - three generation and we have other choice!!!
That's why we wanna stop this illogical plan and I think Hong Kong people should go there.

All of us also support the high speed rail, just oppose this worth plan.
If you wanna know more, I can give you other article to explain it.