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Photography of the people's life in Hong Kong 1950s


香港一代攝影宗師鄭直煥攝影展。是次展覽將分為兩部分,「無盡的愛 」懷舊攝影展,會再次展出鄭氏五、六十年代拍下的珍貴民生照片, 呈現當時生活在寮屋、木屋區的人、小童、工人的生活狀況以及社會舊貌,作品展現出香港貧苦大眾知足者貧亦樂的自強精神。同場亦展出鄭氏為禁毒常務委員會拍攝的禁毒照片,警醒大眾毒品的禍害,照片令人深刻震憾。鄭氏精湛的攝影技巧,言行處事,令學生終身受用。〈學生回應展〉特請來鄭氏的學生, 以一張張的相片,向心中的他致敬。


A Kindest Heart

An unknown photographer in the year of 50s - Mr. Cheng Chick Woon had changed his pursuit in the Salon Exhibition area after working with Lutheran World Federation. He spent his whole life using his camera for social work and teaching lots of professional students. He retained his photographic technology, skill and chartable heart in the world. His photography knowledge is all by himself. He enjoyed the time he gave hope and happy to other people, walked through out a valuable and significance life, remained a good memory in the heart of all Hong Kong people. All the photographs inside this book are taken by him except the one with his image inside. We hope to share all these photographs with the people of Hong Kong as it is a Hong Kong history.

「無盡的愛」一代攝影宗師 ─鄭直煥攝影展
“Cyther” A photo exhibition byHong Kong Master Photographer, Cheng Chick Woon

開幕 Opening
2/11/2013 17:00-19:00
展期 Exhibition:
時間 Time
11:00 -18:00
地點 Venue
九龍石硤尾白田街30號 賽馬會創意藝術中心L0 Gallery
L0 Gallery, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon