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開齋節也叫肉孜節 روزا ھېيت

Monday, 28 July 2014

the train to Kashgar

「明月出天山          蒼茫雲海間          長風幾萬里          吹度玉門關。」                    ﹣﹣李白

The golden sunset on the train's window drew all the people's attention, embroidered the gold lines on everyone. They looked like a group of ancient Chinese sculptures dragging out the crimson horizon into the train.

Reading Mò Yán (莫言)'s novel "The Frog" (《蛙》) on the train, the plot shines after page 40. I cried when I read that Wong Yan Mei is died on page 135. I learned about the Cultural revolution in China by reading book《讎囚》 and watching movies,《天浴》,《芙蓉鎮》,《陝邊溝》and《歸來》, somehow I do not understand thoroughly, at least not as much as a "local" Chinese in China, especially on some of the terms and slangs.

S always says that I am not a 100% Chinese and act like a Japanese. My Mandarin improved after the four-month stay in China, but almost everyone thinks that I am from Korea when we talk. A Yunnan university student from Poland speak fluent Mandarin, we met him in the youth hostel in Kashgar.
"He has perfect accent and his Mandarine even better then those Chinese from the south of China." S said.
"I cannot be compared with him in this case, considering he can speak, write and read within one year study in China, and he speaks Polish, German and English, that means he is a genius in languages." I replied.

2.30 hours coach from Qinghai Lake (青海湖) to Xining (西寧)
2.30 hours train from Xining (西寧) to Lanzhou (蘭州)
14 hours train from Lanzhou (蘭州) to Dunhuang (敦煌)
2.30 hours train from Dunhuang (敦煌) to Xining (疏流河)
11 hours train from Xining (疏流河) to Ürümchi (烏魯木齊)
25 hours train from Ürümchi (烏魯木齊) to Kashgar (喀什)

The train from Hamburg to Copenhagen only takes 4.5 hours. It takes 25 hours between two cities in the west part of China, and you can image how big China is.

25 hours train from Ürümchi (烏魯木齊) to Kashgar (喀什), where is notorious as the most dangerous places of the Uighur (維吾爾) terrorists in recent years. Everyone in Ürümchi says Kashgar has more active terrorists then the other cities, where is near the China border, the terrorist would escape to the other countries easily. However, the Kashgar citizen says Ürümchi is the target of the terrorisim because the high intensity of population.

The train runs along the yellowish mountain and desert, by passed Turpan (吐魯番), The Flaming Mountains (火焰山) and Tarim Basin (塔里木盆地), the parts of the route of "Journey to the West" (《西遊記》), a traditional Chinese mythology, where also the parts of "The Silk Road" (絲綢之路).

In the story of "Journey to the West", Sunwukong (孫悟空) also known as Qitiandasheng (齊天大聖) or Monkey King. He escorts Tangsanzang (唐三藏) bringing back the Buddhism Sutra from the west (India) to China. They meet lots of gods, demons and monsters on the journey, a big battle between Sunwukong and the Bull Demon King (牛魔王) is took place in the Flaming Mountains (火焰山).

Also, Erlangshen (二郎神), a knight god has another battle with Sunwukong. He takes rest near Qinghai Lake, and leaves his sword near the Lake, which becomes the shore with the shape of the sword, called Èrláng jiàn (二郎劍) later. And that was the place I lived for two months before I went to Xinjiang (新彊).

Sun raised on the train's window, the fancy pastel horizon divided the window into two, which made me missed Iceland, the clear and wide skyline and the unique pinky colour. It was difficult to believe that is a part of China, until I noticed my dusty clothes and shoes.

The conceptual map in my mind: everywhere being so close, they are always the next stop by plane, by train, by coach or by car. It is an unbelievable joinery for the people taking years on passing through The Silk Road in the old days.

"It looks like Tibet." said L. When I shown my photos in Iceland.

Then I think about how would I visit Montréal then go to Reykjavík again. And how about Africa? South America? I do not know how and when I would end this journey. I am being lead a vagrant life.

The time I spent in Berlin from January to March last year, in Canada on July, then I were back to Europe on September. It was not a long time but it was seemed so long. Time extended by itself, the intensity of life compressed from Europe to Asia. I met Poplar (白楊樹) again in Dunhuang (敦煌) last month, they were bowing to me along the treks. Are they the same trees along the Seine in Paris? And they were everywhere besides the fields and treks in Xinjiang.

Thousand miles of sand lies with the little brushes on the windy dry plain, the illusion of an ocean floats under the horizon, where is only mud and sand dunes.

There were more empty seats for sleeping after a big load of passengers took off at half past four in the early morning. Also many of them slept in every possibly ways: under the three-linked seats, near the exit's door. I woke up at seven o'clock. There still had two to four stops till the destination. New comers entered the train, no one woke anyone up even their seats had been slept over by strangers, but looking for an empty seat for rest or stand quietly, they were so sweet, like the body guards of the sleepers.
"It is normal. I will do the same." A said.
"But it is still amazing that everybody do so." S replied, "I appreciate."

The trains were full, some of the trains only had tickets for standing left. I hardly got the ticket to Kashgar on the fifth day in Ürümchi. This was the nightmare that I could not buy any sleeping-seat and got a seat for sitting over 25 hours on the train.

The countless hours of sitting without sleep, I gazed my reflected face on the window. Am I going to be a blank traveller or going through the profound depth in my life?


Monday, 21 July 2014

喀什音樂會 Kashgar mini concert

昨天晚上特別清涼,大家圍坐在園子裡彈結他 Ukulele 打手鼓,一起唱:《花房姑娘》《南方姑娘》《董小姐》《老男孩》《光輝歲月》《海濶天空》

Saturday, 19 July 2014

always too simple, sometimes naive

我在內地旅行,每談政治或香港局勢,永遠被指為 SB。說我們大部份港人不懂(當然有小數是懂的),就在亂搞,或者遊行有做十萬人又能改變甚麼事情?不是不讚成我們想把香港搞好,就是要搞也得帶腦袋,多討論深層的問題,不只是一堆人在亂搞。

L:唉,你們甚麼都不懂,被利用也不知道。做小小事情就大肆布導,在全世界面前做 show 只是矯情。
L:那當然啦,他們都在默默地努力。不像你,就是 always too simple, sometimes naive.



Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Der Müller schnarcht und das Gesinde,     Und nur die Tochter wacht im Haus;     Die lachet still und zieht sich heimlich     Fürsichtig die Pantoffeln aus.               Sie geht und weckt den Müllerburschen,     Der kaum den schweren Augen traut:     »Nun küsse mich, verliebter Junge;     Doch sauber, sauber! nicht zu laut.«               -- »Sommermittag« Theodor Storm

那是在十七歲的夏天,M 和我共同乘車回家。M 是我的同班同學,我們又是很好的朋友。當天是考試日,我們兩個女孩子在車上嘰嘰喳喳地討論剛剛考過的題目。
「唉,看來這次又完蛋了。早知道依然考不好就不必那麼認真複習功課了。」M 靠在椅子上,失望地說。
我們正聊著,從河口站上來一位年輕的先生坐在了我們對面。他就是那種你可以用「非常英俊」、「有氣質」這樣的字眼來形容的人,看起來比我們大三、四歲的樣子。M 和我立刻安靜了下來,M 看看我,然後又看看他,我也是看看他又看看 M。
「好帥啊。」M 把嘴巴湊到我的耳邊講,但是聲音還是讓他聽到了。他爽朗地笑了笑,然後開始和我們聊天。從交談得知,他是醫科大學的學生,已經開始放暑假了,但是不打算回家去,想在這個夏天做一些「有趣而又有意義」的事情。我們聊了很多,三個人都十分開心。
「哇!烤魚!好呀!好呀!」M 和我一起叫了起來。
「周水」M 說。
「好的。不見不散。 」他笑了一下,擺擺手下了車。
「哇!他真的好帥啊。 」M 故意把帥這個字拖地很長音。
「快,快,你再給她表演一下擊球時候的手腕動作。」M 對他說。他便做了一個甩腕的動作。
「哇!」M 一邊叫著一邊誇張地鼓掌,我也跟著拍了一下手掌。
後來我又見到 M,她告訴我他們後來又單獨約會了兩次,然後開始戀愛了。其實一般來講,我是比 M 要受男孩子歡迎的,M 比較矮,又是短髮,通常只能被稱為可愛。很多次我都在想,如果我當時沒有那麼執著地一直等他,或許是我在和他戀愛吧。


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Both Sides Now – Somewhere Between Hong Kong and the UK

Both Sides Now – Somewhere between Hong Kong and the UK presents contemporary and historical film and video work from Hong Kong and China, curated by Isaac Leung of Videotage and Jamie Wyld of Videoclub. The films explore developments within the culture and society of Hong Kong and China over the past three decades, including work which reflects on the on-going dynamics of cultures in Hong Kong, China, and the UK. The programme contains work by some of Hong Kong and China’s most exciting artists working in film and video, and varies between animation, documentary and artist’ moving image.

Screening Date in UK

24 June 2014 : FACT, Liverpool
26 June 2014 : Duke’s at Komedia, Brighton
05 July 2014 : Whitechapel Gallery, London
13 July 2014 : Floating Cinema, King’s Cross, London

Screening Date in HK

Exhibition : 14 – 20 August 2014
Location: Osage Kwun Tong, 4/F, Union Hing Yip Factory Building, 20 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Curatorial Talk: 16 Aug (SAT) 3-6pm British Council

RSVP: http://goo.gl/tjgeIw

Participating Artist


CHAN Chui Hing, Nose

CHENG Chi Hung

“The Doors”
CHENG Chi Lai, Howard

“Star” & “Move”

“Complaint Song of Hong Kong – Youtube Karaoke”
Complaint Choir of Hong Kong & CHOI Thickest

CHU Shun

“Cycling to the Square“
CHUNG Wai Ian & LEE Chung Fung

“X-mas Half-Nude Party “
Forever Tarkovsky Club & Gregor SAMSA

” I Love the Country But Not the Party (Party version) “
Bjorn HO

“A Woman in A Flat”
HO Sik Ying

“A Flags-Raising-Lowering Ceremony at my home’s cloths drying rack “
KWAN Sheung Chi

“Door Games Window Frames – video version (2012)”
Linda LAI



“Meditating at the Central Point of the Kingdom”
LO Yin Shan

Anson MAK

“TV Game of the Year”
Ellen PAU

“Playing Cards 1997”
TSE Ming Chong

“Under the Lion Crotch”


“Sludge Manifesto”
Benedict Drew

“Sounds from Beneath”
Mikhail Karikis and Uriel Orlow

“The Delinquents Part 1 (Jobseekers) “
Alexis Milne

Charlotte Prodger

“New Materials in the Reading of the World”
Chooc Ly Tan

“Just About Managing “
Edward Thomasson


Sunday, 6 July 2014

喀什,晚霞,十一點。 Kashgar, 11pm, evening.





「你是遊客,你最多只會在這裡住上幾個月,發展與否你當然不著緊,但這裡的居民可不這樣想呢,發展對他們來說有利,人們生活水平也得以改善。」Y 說。

「你可以寫一篇文章宣傳喀什這地方啊。這裡根本與恐怖活動無關啊,是傳媒過份誇大其詞。」M 說。
「那你為甚麼還到這裡來?」M 說。

July, Sawm (صوم)during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan (رمضان).

Today is my 1st holiday after the 10 working-days in the youth hostel.

Sunrise at 6am, sunset at 10pm in Kasghar, the longest summer daylight I have even enjoyed. However the brightness of the mid-day is too hot and dry, everyone stays indoor, eating lots of juicy watermelons, chatting or gets some rest. Most of the activity resume after 6pm, the temperature descending with little bit of wind. People walk under the shadow market opened till 8pm, and the Islamic restaurants open at 10.30 till the other morning, the dinning time for the Muslims during the fasting month.

Some part of the Islamic old city is developed, where looks like everywhere in China. The last 2 parts of the old city will soon be the touristic places. A entry ticket will be issued next year.

"The old city looks more charming and nice, why it needs to be develop like the other city in China?" I asked.
"You are the tourist, you just stay for a while, that looks fine for you. Try to think about the locals? They need a better living." Y said.

"You should write something to promote the city. The media massed the place, and there is nothing to do with the terrorists." M said.
"Most of my fiends said Xinjiang is the most dangerous place in China, especially the south part of Xinjiang. One of the seniors from Qinghai Lake even blame me to get here, and telling others I am too crazy to stay for a month, also warn those trying to promote Xinjiang are idiots and ridiculous." I replied.
"So, why you still come here?" M.
"I do not know. I just want to be here and understand things by myself."

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Kashgar Sunday Livestock Bazzar 喀什荒地鄉牛羊巴札

星期天到「喀什荒地鄉牛羊巴札」送我一頭羊吧 ^_^
buy me a sheep in Kashgar Sunday Livestock Bazzar

Saturday, 28 June 2014

流放 stray

Chewing Noodle in Ürümchi, Chewy, al dente
If you ask me about my stray, I will advice you start your trip today.

Friday, 27 June 2014

a sweet post from Shinjang 新彊明信片

a sweet post from 喀什 新彊 شىنجاڭ / قەشقەر شەھرى Shinjang,Kashgar
親愛的,假如你想要一張從新彊 喀什 寄來的明信片
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