Thursday, 12 February 2009

《U Magazine》Issue 168, Book B - "LIFE".

《U Magazine》Issue 168, Book B - "LIFE"

scan by K <---抵鍚 (^3(k_k) 請按圖放大, d字都好清楚下

sleep 說:actually,I still don't understand why the MV, and the whole event became news

k 說:我明點解會變news (因為香港人大驚小怪) 視線思想窄

sd 說:我都係

sleep 說:大驚小怪<--- umm

sd 說:奇奇怪怪 , 拍野黎玩下, 又話藝術又話乜色情又女權...其實乜都唔係

k 說:仲要唔係"兩點"拎出黎晒喇喎已經

sleep 說:people may think HK is just like Iran, if they read the news

sd 說:hahaha 呢個社會充滿左虛偽


雪山飛狐 said...

I agree with your actions. It is just sad that in Hong Kong people don't accept it as art.

I don't live in Hong Kong thus I am not sure how big of a reaction your MV has caused, but had it been in Norway (where I live), things would but a lot more casual.

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British Psycho said...

Hello, this is Kevin again. Nice to see your reply. The reason why I am asking to be your friend is you are so great that to show what is 'art' of human body and you are so brave to keeping your aim on all photo projects. I like your concept of it. I dont think it is like Jap AV or 'salt water' thing. Anyway I got facebook and I wish I can keep in touch with you. So well done and keep it up! Supporting you always!

Oscar Lo said...

i'm really impressed by your guts, for sure it's not easy to face the consequence. hang it on.