Saturday 19 September 2009




這個低能量的時間,我把The Outside 的結尾看完了,這本細小的書我也要花這麼多時間,真是閱讀的慢蟲。我最喜歡書內這一段,它和龔說的 "The artist of life" 非常吻合。

"The Hearing was adjourned. For a few brief moments, as I left the Law Courts on my way to the van, I recognized the familiar smells and colours of a summer evening. In the darkness of my mobile prison I rediscovered one by one, as if rising from the depths of my fatigue, all the familiar sounds of a town that I loved and of a certain time of day when I sometimes used to feel happy. The cries of the newspaper sellers in the languid evening air, the last few birds in the square, the shouts of the sandwich sellers, the moaning of the trams high in the winding streets of the town and the murmuring of the sky before darkness spills over onto the port, all these sounds going into prison. Yes, this was the time of day when, long ago, I used to feel happy. What always awaited me then was a night of easy, dreamless sleep. And yet something had changed, for with the prospect of the coming day, it was to my cell that I returned. As if a familiar journey under a summer sky could as easily end in prison as in innocent sleep."

--The Outsider by Albert Camus
Translated from the French by Joseph Laredo

以幾天和S 食晚飯時收到Albert Camus 的另一本書The Fall。本來我想先讀Perrier 送給我的 Bonjour Tristesse,但覺得連看二本Albert Camus 好像可以和Albert Camus 「friend 啲」,所以還是先讀The Fall 吧~ 非常多謝S的禮物呢 ^_^

S 把The Fall 送姶我時,我把袋裡的The Outsider 拿出來拼在一起,S 很奇怪為甚麼這兩本書的封面那麼相似,覺得應該用不同的設計才可以突出不同書本的獨特性。可能因為我喜歡相同的東西,覺得書本封面近似沒有甚麼問題(我雖然較喜歡舊版The Outsider 的銀黑白色大相片封面),是不是同一個作者也好,只要閱讀時感到舒適,並沒有必要改變包裝。而且這兩本名著本身已經很特別,即使封面甚麼也沒有同樣影響不到它本身的價值。