Tuesday, 6 October 2009

星期五的音樂課 20091002 以勇氣擁抱命運 (Amor fati)


上星期五的音樂課有很多同學到來參加,龔老師特別請了Dr. Kui主講「尼采的悲劇和音樂」 "Nietzsche on Tragedy and Music",當中包括:

- The Birth of Tragedy from the spirit of music
- Apollo and Dionysus
- Schopenhauer's Philosophy of Music
- Nietzsche on Wagner


我很喜歡Dr. Kui影印了其中幾頁的這個選段:
"Our evaluation of things so long as we are firmly under the spell of art is different, as it is in a dream: that which, while the spell lasts, we consider so much worth striving for that we ally ourselves with the hero when he prefer to die rather than renounce it - in real life this is seldom of the same value or worthy of the same degree of effort: that is precisely why art is the activity of man in repose. The struggles it depicts are simplifications of the real struggles of life; its problems are abbreviations of the endlessly complex calculus of human action and desire. But the greatness and indispensability of art lie precisely in its being able to produce the appearance of a simpler world, a shorter solution of the riddle of life....

The individual must be consecrated to something higher than himself - that is the meaning of tragedy; he must be free of the terrible anxiety which death and time evoke in the individual: for at any moment, in the briefest atom of his life’s course, he may encounter something holy that endlessly outweighs all his struggle and all his distress - this is what it means to have a sense for the tragic; ..."

J 後來才到,我多畫了一張,讓她常常可以成為我畫中的主角。

ps.今天,讓我也像Bizet 寫的Carmen一樣拿出勇氣來擁抱命運。


鄭裕文 said...

WOW, 你在上的這個課堂好像很有趣, 是一個完整的課程還是什麼? 課程的名字可以告訴我嗎?

我在想, 可以勇敢地擁抱命運的人, 首先是否都要受過一大輪折磨的?

小丁 siuding said...

這個課堂沒有課程, 只是長輩朋友的分享 ^_^ 不好意思, 不能報名呢.

我盡量在這裡分享吧 ^_^


簡單來說, 愛折磨和有勇氣是沒有因果關係的二碼子事 ^_^

小丁 siuding said...

hey, 這星期五我按排了公開的音樂課, 你有興趣來參加嗎?