Thursday 29 April 2010

17: 陳偉江的生活照相館 ii (重新整理)

今早一開電腦,發現 import 進Facebook 的notes:「17: 陳偉江的生活照相館 i 」被 FB 刪除了,唯有留下連結給想看相片的人。我相信遲些在 FB 裡不能再發佈 my Nude / Portrait 的相片了,本來我沒打算一定要 post 的,但我的性格就「包駁頸」,你唔比我做,我偏要做!呵呵 XD

(because my imported notes in Facebook were automatially deleted, you'll have to visit my website to view my photos. i probably can't post my nude portrait project on facebook much longer. I didn't originally plan on posting thing, but i guess i'm rebellious!
-- translated by Tina Chu )


about my Nude / Portrait project: