Friday 24 February 2012

為西藏供燈 Pray for Tibet

面書上的燈海:為西藏供燈 Pray for Tibet on Facebook

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Facebook event :




1. 在家中點一蠟燭 (最好是酥油燈,可以在佛具 / 香燭店買到。)
2. 在旁用紙寫上一位自焚者的名字(不論亡者或傷者),讓他/她的名字好好被 記著(名單在簡介下面)
3. 默念:(可以隨自已宗教背景自行選擇內容)
- (自焚者名字)罪障業障消除、往生善趣
- 西藏問題能夠圓滿解決、西藏人民苦難速速消除!
- 祈願中國共產黨行善之道
- 六字大明咒: 嗡嘛呢唄咪吽 (發音:om-ma-ni-pad-me-hum)
4. 為燈和名字拍下相片,上傳到自已Facebook及Event,caption附上此Event連結,讓更多人知道西藏目前情況。

合十 隨喜

In Tibet, from 27 Feb 2009 to 19 Feb 2012, 23 Tibetans have self-immolated to protest for a free Tibet and the return of The Dalai Lama. 15 of them had lost their lives *. Under the repressive circumstance in Tibet, self-immolation is an ultimate act of nonviolence demonstration. Tibet question seems so far away from us, but as a human being, it doesn’t mean that we can do nothing. At least, we should pray for the death. One of the spiritual practices among

Tibetan Buddhists is to offer a lighted butter lamp that represents the illumination of wisdom and to purify bad Karma. Following their belief, we shall also light for the Tibetans who have self-immolated and pray for Tibet.

Method :

1. Light a candle at home (butter lamp would be great)
2. Write down the name of one of the self-immolated Tibetan on a piece of paper (listed below)
3. Pray : (You may adjust your content according to your own religion)
- Wish all the bad Karma of ( Name of the self-immolated Tibetan ) gone, a better new life
- Peaceful resolution of the conflicts in Tibet and all the suffering comes to an end
- Wish the Chinese government follow the path of compassion
- Om mani padme hum (A Tibetan Buddhist spell)
4. Take a photo of the light and the name, upload to your Facebook profile and this event. Captioned the photo with the link of this event and spread the message.



已確認的自焚者名單 - 自焚日期:
Confirmed name of the self-immolated tibetan and the date

1 扎白 Tabay 2009/2/27
2 平措 Phuntsok 2011/3/16
3 次旺諾布 Tsewang Norbu 2011/8/15
4 洛桑格桑 Lobsang Kelsang 2011/9/26
5 洛桑貢却 Lobsang Konchok 2011/9/26
6 格桑旺秀 Kelsang Wangshok 2011/10/3
7 卡央 Khayang 2011/10/7
8 曲培 Choephel 2011/10/7
9 諾布占堆 Norbu Dumdul 2011/10/15
10 丹增旺姆 Tenzin Wangmo 2011/10/17
11 達瓦次仁 Dawa Tsering 2011/10/25
12 班丹曲措 Palden Choetso 2011/11/3
13 丹增平措 Tenzin Phuntsok 2011/12/1
14 丹尼 Ten Nyi 2012/1/6
15 次成 Tsultrim 2012/1/6
16 索巴仁波切 Sobha Rinpoche 2012/1/8
17 洛桑嘉央 Lobsang Jamyang 2012/1/14
18 索南熱央 Sonam Rabyang 2012/2/8
19 仁增多杰 Rigzin Dorjee 2012/2/8
20 丹增曲珍 Tenzin Choedon 2012/2/11
21 洛桑嘉措 Lobsang Gyatso 2012/2/13
22 丹曲桑波 Damchoe 2012/2/17
23 朗卓 Nya Drul 2012/2/19


我們希望能為受難者祈禱,如遇有不友善留言,管理人員有刪帖權利。 We are just hoping to pray for the suffers, we may delete any comments which is unfriendly and violate to this event.