Tuesday 4 December 2012

書本設計《我的海盜嫲嫲》/曾家達 陳儀鳯 著

proud to be the designer of this children story book《我的海盜嫲嫲》MY GRANNY WAS A PIRATE
by Tsang Ka-tat and Sylvia Chan.
the output files are going to print, can't wait to see it ^O^

Ka Tat Tsang: Sylvia Chan (the Artist who did the illustration) is simply fantastic.

Ka Tat Tsang: Beyond the stereotype of 陶三姑, my nostalgic imagination obviously involves narrative smoothing. Nostalgia is an attempt to access things lost, performance of identity, a game of social inclusion and exclusion, an effort to deal with guilt, and an act of aggression. Read at your own risk.

Ka Tat Tsang: This book can be seen as a very personal engagement with the history of Hong Kong. It is also a text amenable to multiple ways of reading. It's a children's pictorial, and it is also a subversive view of our life-world, and may be of reality itself.