Sunday, 26 May 2013

私郵寄計劃 Let me send you a postcard

私郵寄計劃:postcard 珍藏寄給你,隨意抽。本地海外都寄,請把英文地址留在我的 inbox 裡。
(搬家在即,大屋搬細屋,珍藏 keep 不了 T^T 寄給你更有意思 ^O^)
//這裡的留言我 set 作了保密,名字和地址不會公開,安心安心。//
Let me send you a postcard form my collection. 
(leave your address to my inbox. ^O^, local and overseas all welcome.)
// NOTE: The comment are private, I would not disclose your name and address in the comment.//


小丁 siuding said...

Bbbb, noted your address, would send out the postcard soon.

小丁 siuding said...

jess, 地址收到

fatmond:例如中東、非洲、南美... <=我盡量找一找寄給你

小丁 siuding said...

Gerald Goh
post card would send to you later ^_^

小丁 siuding said...


noted with thanks
would send you the card this week