Sunday 16 June 2013


私郵寄計劃:書本製作餘下的相片寄給你,郵費連沖相 HK$50 一套(之前都不收費,但因為相片數量有限,而且不想隨意給,你真係好想要先寄比你啦。),隨意抽。寄本地及海外,請英文地址及電郵留在comment裡,我把戶口資料給你。
//這裡的留言我 set 作了保密,名字和地址不會公開,安心安心。//
Let me send you a set of photos, $50 per set, random.
(((This is the first time I set a fee for the postal staff. Because of limited numbers of photos and the payment process might make you think twice before you leave me your address.)))
(leave your postal address and email to my comment. ^O^, local and overseas all welcome.)
// NOTE: The comment are private, I would not disclose your name and address in the comment.//
Good day.