Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I loved this library

Spent the whole afternoon in Winnipeg Public Library today, I liked it so much, where was a perfect tourist center for me, free for using the internet, drinking water, washroom and of course I read in the children's book section. I was surprised that I was welcomed by asking touristic questions in the books borrow/return counters. The lady with a sharp red coat there said she liked my brown jacket. When she knew I was a tourist, she offered me more computer logins if I needed.

I did a small drawing along the red river before sunset, finding the way to the buses station and I naturally returned to the library, the man in the counter told me there were 2 buses could be found just in front of the entrance.


Zhuxiu said...

Sounds like a great experience for you!

小丁 siuding said...

yes, it's difficult to find drinking water on the street if i dont want to buy a cool still/ mineral water.
I remembered once i been Koln, there was no free public toilet in the street. i payed for 1 euro/once for using the toilet twice in trains station. Another time was in Versailles where no toilets in the trains station, street and the time all cafes were closed, i need to do it on the street finally ...T_T...