Saturday 26 October 2013

Listen to it again and again, there is nothing to understand, it just goes crazily beautiful and looping in my mind.

movement #1:
Appeared with a graceful pride, approaching passionately. Goes tender and softer. Changing, you were me and I were you, harmony touches and hugs, more passion, confirmations, lower but strong, we are synchronous.

movement #2:
Running, jumping, escaping from the danger lively. Booming everywhere, it dodges like a flash, nothing can stop it. Then it runs crazily like in the dream.

movement #3 :
Emphasising the important statement repeatedly, the variations stated strongly and confidently even in the base point, it tries to convince everyone, the voice does not stop till the end of time, it says: I do not want to leave, I am here and will be forever, stay still, stay here with me.