Monday 7 October 2013

lives are full of passions

my Birthday present from Merle Thordis

Merle took me to the vegetarian restaurant and a special ice-cream shop. Then we settled on a nice cafe with unlimited re-filled coffee. \(^O^)/ Our non-stopped chatting last forever.

M is so funny and pretty all the time.

Nicola said, "Nothing happen by chance." I replied, "And all is by chance."

A glance.

N met us in a cafe by chance, he offered free tickets of a concert in HARPE on that night. I was so happy to see the conert ticket with my birth date printed, I cried "I go!"

We missed the another free concert in the afternoon. Why so many free concerts on my birth day, It sounded so nice!

M needed to work at night, I went to concert alone. I thought N would not show up since he offered both of his tickets. Unexpectedly, N entered the concert hall on time and I was drawing in my seat next to him, we did not talked much and the concert started.

The 1st half of the concert was not good, we were bored. We talked in the lobby with N's friends. At the end, N said, "Sorry that I do not introduce you, because I forget your name." "Me either." We laughed.

Thank you all of you, we shared our passions of lives that was a wonderful day.