Thursday 21 November 2013

雜 identification complex and quick note to myself

很多人問我,是不是只要遠遊就不再回來。的確我討厭不停的抗爭,連需要一個電視台也要上街,i am ANGRY! 總歸我要收捨心情回來,無論世界雖大,我怎樣也沒法看過夠,但香港只得一處,我必須回家,我屬於那裡。

Wheverever i travel, people ask about Hong Kong, i try to tell that is a CRAZY and LOVELY place. My hatred and love of Hong Kong is complex, that i am so proud of being a Hongkongese, without Hong Kong culture, without Hong Kong, i am not me, i want to protect this place, i love there, my root and my home always there.

I was SHAME, sad and also angry being a Chinese when i was 10 or might be earlier, when everyone forced to learn English, heard the news of how we killed our people in 8964, all the traditional motrolity (仁義道德) we learnt from the school was broken.

i am ANGRY! The "dictatorship" never stop in China, some of the people still in jail over 24 years after 8964. Chinese who leave their counties are "useless", and we do not bring any changes to others. Although i feel tired and bored to remind myself all these all the time, and if i do not think of the bright side of the rebel, i do not know what is life, being an artist is not enough.

i am ANGRY! My friend being invited to the Chinese embassy in Iceland tonight and he told me the Chinese ambassador said art and music are luxury to the Chinese, because we have too many people and lack of resource. Shame on him. Art is for all, art shall bring new insight and free our mind, art can be rebellion and revolution! Artist shall not do art to please the dictator!