Friday 31 January 2014

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又是一天的開始,備課 again。
在 Nepal 上課沒人叫我老師,一星期以來我努力記住十三個學生的名字,那些 R 的發音我永遠不準。
放了影片 《CRAC》,我說生活就是藝術。

Another day starts, preparing my drawing lesson for the kids again.
None of my students call me teacher, i kind of like it, and i try to remember my 13 students' names, but my pronunciation in "R" never good.
We watched the animation "CRAC" few days ago, i said, "Life is art" .
My students like my drawing, they said, " You are an artist."
I replied, "Everything is art and art seemed to be nothing, and i think being an artist is nothing some time."