Wednesday 8 January 2014

Nepalese "tea house" 尼泊爾喫茶店

love the Nepalese "tea house", stayed for 2hrs to finish this drawing, had 3 cups of tea: without sugar, a little bit of sugar and original sweet milk tea.

Full of lives in the tea house, chatting, dating, relaxing, all kinds of people hangout and having good time here.

"Chop" is a kind of deep fired curry potato, very nice snack for the tea, they eat with spicy sauce. However, you cannot expected they use the good quality oil for the deep fried。奶茶有點像港式奶茶,但港式的較濃。這裡要特別 order 不要糖或小糖,因為他們一般喜歡很甜很甜的茶。