Wednesday 8 January 2014


TAATOPAANI, the 3nd Nepalese i learnt, "TAATO PAANI" means hot water, also the name of the hot spring in Langtang region.

Most of the villagers do not have hot water in their houses, they come there for bath everyday. This is a holy place for them, they are singing while they are bathing, drinking the "holy" water at the same time, the yellowish water contained lots of iron. Some locals from other villages will come to enjoy this holy bath too.

The Nepalese there were very nice and some of the tourist took many pictures of them. However, i do not take photo in the hot spring or public bath pool most of the time, i afraid that the people do not want to be photographed. And this photo was taken by L, who tried to tease my faintness after stayed in the hot spring for too long. :P