Sunday 9 February 2014

Volunteering REPORT: creating colours wheel (3nd week lesson)

.1st week, we talked about lines and forms.
.2nd week, we practiced pencil sketching on still lives: plants, water, metal, wood, cloth, cup, plate, apple, banana…etc
.3rd week, we learned about colours by making the colours wheel, mixing tint colours and shade colours.
(((In the 3rd week art lesson everyone get used to it, my students take it seriously by learning new things (mixing colours). They had been bored by sketching again and again. They could not concentrate more then 1 hour in front of the plants and they told me that was more then enough.
I think there are three types of candidates would love to spend plenty of time on drawing still life, who want to have good result in open examination on Art sketching (3 hours), and those really love to draw or who is (maybe) bored/ boring. )))