Friday 14 March 2014

Volunteering REPORT: 6th week, body movement

We studied the body movement in the movies and the wooden models, then they built one for themselves. It took more time then I expected, they did it seriously and nice. This is the last lesson for most of the teenage students before their examination in school.

Especially thank you K brought the wooden models for me from Hong Kong.

Met A in a dinning place and he told me lots of thing about stone and the living in Asia. Then he said that is no reason to be a volunteer here, which is only a touristic activity, and the children do not need me. There are many people who do not have food in other poor countries, or someone suffered and under depression might need someone to talk in Europe or anywhere, they are more in need of a person to be with them then the children here. I should "save life" instead of being a tourist here.

I were depressed for a night and thought it over, am i doing something wrong?

K said, as the kids enjoyed the time to do something that would be fine.
C said, the one who said that was too cynical and I am sure the kids will remember me.

The other day when I met the little ones before they went to school, they were requesting to have lesson over and over, I am happy again. It does not matter whatever reason I were here, that we shared the time and touched each others' heart.))))