Thursday 6 March 2014

we play art together

कन्चन गुरूङ Kanchan Gurung
my favourite naughty girl.

रेबिका गुरूङ Rebica Gurung
4 years old new girl in the hostel, everyone loves her, she becomes my youngest student.

अन्जलि परियार Anjali Pariyar
she is the younger student of mine,
she always gives the right answers of
the colours' name of the colourful chocolate in the lesson.

अन्जान परियार Anjana Pariyar
Sister of अन्जलि परियार Anjali Pariyar, she is one of my little students.

पूणिमा गुरूङ Purnima Gurung
typical Nepalese style girl in my class, she is nice and sweet.

इभा गुरूङ Eva Gurung
she always creates the best art work in class.