Sunday 6 July 2014

喀什,晚霞,十一點。 Kashgar, 11pm, evening.





「你是遊客,你最多只會在這裡住上幾個月,發展與否你當然不著緊,但這裡的居民可不這樣想呢,發展對他們來說有利,人們生活水平也得以改善。」Y 說。

「你可以寫一篇文章宣傳喀什這地方啊。這裡根本與恐怖活動無關啊,是傳媒過份誇大其詞。」M 說。
「那你為甚麼還到這裡來?」M 說。

July, Sawm (صوم)during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan (رمضان).

Today is my 1st holiday after the 10 working-days in the youth hostel.

Sunrise at 6am, sunset at 10pm in Kasghar, the longest summer daylight I have even enjoyed. However the brightness of the mid-day is too hot and dry, everyone stays indoor, eating lots of juicy watermelons, chatting or gets some rest. Most of the activity resume after 6pm, the temperature descending with little bit of wind. People walk under the shadow market opened till 8pm, and the Islamic restaurants open at 10.30 till the other morning, the dinning time for the Muslims during the fasting month.

Some part of the Islamic old city is developed, where looks like everywhere in China. The last 2 parts of the old city will soon be the touristic places. A entry ticket will be issued next year.

"The old city looks more charming and nice, why it needs to be develop like the other city in China?" I asked.
"You are the tourist, you just stay for a while, that looks fine for you. Try to think about the locals? They need a better living." Y said.

"You should write something to promote the city. The media massed the place, and there is nothing to do with the terrorists." M said.
"Most of my fiends said Xinjiang is the most dangerous place in China, especially the south part of Xinjiang. One of the seniors from Qinghai Lake even blame me to get here, and telling others I am too crazy to stay for a month, also warn those trying to promote Xinjiang are idiots and ridiculous." I replied.
"So, why you still come here?" M.
"I do not know. I just want to be here and understand things by myself."