Monday 6 April 2015

展覽正式開始 exhibition update

前天慢手慢腳的佈展至淩晨二點,昨天展覽正式開始時很累。明天展場休息一天,星期二重開。下星期五,10號,4﹣7pm 會在展場恭候大家。
((((朋友話宣傳唔夠,展覽開始咗都無人知喎。依家開個 event ,時不時會 update 新消息。畫展為期一個月半,場地逢星期一休息,而我逢星期五六都會係展場,想另摘日見面既話,歡迎隨時 msg 約我。^_^))))

i m very tired =,= on the opening day of my drawing exhibition. It was 2am in the morning when i had posted all drawings on the wall on the day before the opening tongue emoticon
The venue will be closed tomorrow and open on Tuesday again. I would like to meet you on Friday evening 4-7pm, all welcome.