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在香港,公開身份的裸體模特兒不多,也沒有一個有規模的相關組織。雖然早年有「人體藝術協會」的成立,不過他們比較着重天體的理念。而我們成立【體模社 Life Model Club】分享裸體模特兒經驗,希望讓公眾認識到裸體模特兒的專業,甚至有機會參與這個工作。


A. 經相關藝術創作的朋友轉介
B. 裸體繪畫模特兒可以直接與 life drawing class 的畫室負責人聯絡,又或者參加人體模特兒繪畫班,之後自薦為模特兒;也有些畫班是學員輪流作模特兒的
C. 裸體攝影模特兒可以自行聯絡感興趣的攝影師
D. 有攝影師會在網上招募模特兒,也可以自行與他們聯絡


模特兒: Jing Pang


003【Way to Life Modelling: How to work as a Nude Model】

In Hong Kong, there are few publicly known nude life models, and no related organization of size and stature. Although some years back there was an organization called “Body Art Association”, they were more pre-occupied with the freedom to be nude rather than nude modelling itself. Thus, we have established “Life Model Club” to share our experiences in nude life modelling. Through this, we hope to allow the public to get to know this profession, and even have a chance to take part in this work.

Your Body

Way to Life Modelling:
A. Referrals through friends who work in the arts
B. Nude life models can directly contact organizers of life drawing classes, or take part in such classes yourself; you can then later self-recommend as a model, as in some classes it is actually the students who take turns modelling
C. Nude photography models can contact photographers you are interested in
D. Some photographers will recruit models online, so you can pay attention to those notices and contact the photographers directly

The following essays are mainly about personal work stories and experiences:
【1. Short Introduction to Nude Life Drawing Modelling】
【2. Short Introduction to Nude Photography Modelling and
【3. Comparisons Between the Two】
【4. About Money as Compensation】

oil painting: 韋蓉
model: Jing Pang
translation: Janice Im

【Essay to be continued】