Tuesday 16 May 2017

005【體模之路:祼體模特兒入門】之 【2。簡介攝影裸體模特兒】之一


攝影裸體模特兒的工作,相對繪畫裸體模特兒來說,在理念上和性質上都複雜得多。攝影創作的過程可以非常高速,姿勢要求變動頻密,模特兒須要消耗較多體力。在一至兩小時的拍攝中,可達六百至一千張相片,即使滿意的作品可能只寥寥數張。而高速的攝影技術(high speed camera)更能拍攝連續跳躍等動作,以至營造「空中飄浮」的效果。是以攝影師可以把一位模特兒的體力推向極致,當中與攝影師的互動更直接、更有爆發力,二個人都能同時把創作能量推進。







005【Way to Life Modelling: How to Work as a Nude Model】
【2.i. Introduction to Nude Photography Modelling】

The work of nude photography modelling is much more complicated than that of nude life drawing modelling, either conceptually or by its nature.  Photo shooting can be done in a very fast speed, requiring the model to change pose frequently and demanding more physical strength. In an 1-2 hour photo shooing session, about 600-1000 photographs can be produced, although maybe only a few are satisfactory. With the new technology of high speed camera, one can even capture consecutive jumping motion to create an effect of "floating in the air."  Therefore a photographer can push the models stamina to their limit. Their interaction will be more direct or even explosive, driving the energy of creation. 

Concept of photography:  
The power of photography can capture the different faces of the human being. Through the camera, a photographer is exploring a different "me", even he is shooting at a model.  This subjective angle is a self-reflection point of view of the photographer.  Some has a very strong personal style, in which whoever he shoots project the same version from his eye.  Just like a model in paintings, he is only part of himself in the eyes of the creator, and not the complete himself.  The power of photography can also peep into the privacy of a subject, whether one is ready/willing to be exposed or not.  Thus some people never like to be photo shoot, for the reason that whatever being captured is not the true himself.  And "I" do not want to expose "my true self" either.  

Photography models should choose their working partners who make them feel comfortable and also possess similar shooting ideas.  It is better for any creative works where working partners can communicate and exchange thoughts.  If the model cannot effectively communicate with the photographer, not only they they cannot drive the energy forward, but also the model would feel being objectified, being used as a prop, and the collaboration would become a buying and selling of a body.  

Models must be careful when choosing the ideology in photography.  Personally I would refuse any works that has the following themes:
- to disparage or defame women;
- discrimination;
- rape or murder;
- drug abuse;
- as a double, or as an unidentified dead body

And most importantly, I would never work with any artists who do not respect models, or simply using models as a tool.  

photography: siuding
sculptor / model: Lenka

【Essay to be continued】
【2. Short Introduction to Nude Photography Modelling 】and points of attention
【3. Comparisons Between the Two】
【4. About Money as Compensation】