Monday 11 December 2017

【體祭 Body Fest 2018】創作宣言 Artist Statement

【體祭 2018】






【Body Fest 2018】

Every body is beautiful. But why nudity is still considered indecent or even obscene in many places around the world?

Society never thinks our natural body is good enough. We are constantly being photoshopped, and fed with ideas of cosmetics, plastic surgery, or weight loss. Voluntarily or not, we have caged our body into this twisted definition of self-image so called beauty.

Nude body is our unique and precious landscape, as alluring as our mother nature, like the mountains, the sunset, and the moon. Across the universe we all have the same beautiful body. Embrace it; embody the one and only body we have got.

This exhibition invites you to a journey of freeing the body from our body, raising our awareness of Body Autonomy. Remember how enjoyable it was to see our body in the mirror as a child? And since when we have stopped doing that?

Join Body Fest. See it. Every body is awesome.

© Body Fest 體祭 2018


陳家蔚/馮健勳/高穎琳/梁惠敏/彭靖/馬紹德/小丁/Simon C

Participating Artist:
Kiwi Chan / Fung Kin Fan / Kobe Ko / Karuna Leung / Pang Jing / Marcel Sauder / Siu Ding / Simon C


13 Jan – 4 Feb, 2018

灣仔富德樓 11/F
11/F, Foo Tak Building, Wan Chai

All by reservation. Aged 18+ only.