Saturday 27 January 2018

Senseless【體祭】After-After-Party (unplugged)

Senseless【體祭】After-After-Party (unplugged)
(捐款將用於支付【體祭 Body Fest 2018】展覽支出)
Senseless's After-After-Party at 【Body Fest 2018】(unplugged)
Date: 3/2 (SAT) 9-11pm
Location: 11/F Foo Tak Building, Wan Chai
Fee: Free. Suggest donation $100 per head.
(Your kind donation will support our self-funded exhibition.)

預約/Apply now:

Aged 18 or above. For enquiry:

演出樂隊 Performing bands:

1. Senseless
Senseless 組成於2001~02年間,之後不斷的重組及成員更替,最終於2006年組成最Senseless 的組合直至現在。
影響Senseless的音樂單位很多,包括The Killers、東京事變、Beyond、The Cribs、Metallica、Beethoven甚至兒歌。Senseless 的歌曲主要是抒發成員於生活的不滿,以及對社會和世界的看法。歌曲題材由Street Fighter到燒雞翼,對愛情的不滿到分手,功課及父母壓力等等
Senseless 企圖嘻笑怒罵地訴說生活,生活就是 Senseless。 一起吶喊吧!

2. After-After-Party
Are you finding it difficult to find nice friends? Do you regularly get drunk and do things you regret? Are you actively looking to get laid? Frustrated by Hong Kong's public transport? Trying to promote yourself better on social media? Late for your period?!Yes? Well, the After-After-Party may just be the soundtrack to your life.