Tuesday 25 August 2020



 盛夏,我又回到了日本,在 W n M 的田裡幫忙。這實在讓我很開心,自往年在這裡住了一星期以後,便打算每年來一趟。可借,他們也快要搬家了,幸好在他們離開前還可以再看看田裡的風景。 農忙完畢,我便四處走走,雖然村子很小,但仍有不少未走過的地方。 


三個女孩子和一個外國人男孩子 -- 我的朋友 -- 歡迎我來,我們一聊起上來,放映變成背景音樂。但我其實並不知道他們是誰,我心裡感到孤單,嘗試理清到底我是在哪裡和正在做甚麼。 




Echo by V: 

Great! I will be ready. With joy.... Here are some beginning thoughts According to Ernst Bloch, we are still capable of creating a new world from a utopia. Now we have to start. Life has been given into our hands. We should use our ability to think utopia, - against these vicious attacks on democracy. It seemed to be essential, including for Hannah Arendt, that people learned to believe in it at all and to remedy their grievances, that they would be able to create a better world. Like an intellectual General Staff we should act revolutionising this seemingly desperate reality towards a real, humane, civilised society that is sustainable for human beings. There is never enough tangible utopia! The counter concept to utopia – maybe is our sense of Home ? Not the home of origins, and not the home that must first come into existence, whose blurry, yearning images drives hope, like in Ernst Bloch's great illustrated book of utopias of all millennia and dimensions To make oneself at home, or "to land on this earth", means closing the gap in consciousness. But home as the reason and the network of relationships on which we depend, which - quite literally - keep us alive and inspired. Like Hannah Arendt speaks about the importance of her friends, that she loves them and not the one nation. We all need this kind of emotional stimulation, and the opportunity where and with whom we want to be?