Thursday 28 July 2022

Participating artist: Siu Ding 小丁

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For the upcoming In—Between exhibition that explores the social nature of photography, we talked to each of the participating artist. We asked them about their views on photography and collaboration, and their experiences along this collaborative journey together. 
Participating artist: Siu Ding 小丁 @siuding_ii 

Siu Ding is a photographer and book designer based in Hong Kong. She likes to break taboos and make the world her playground. Body autonomy is the main theme of her works. 

How do you usually work with photography? 
I wish to use photography to explore the possibilities of the body and to capture the emotions and energy around me. I hope those images can transcend our personal boundaries and become the testimony of the future. 

What does photography and collaboration mean to you? 
Challenging, demanding, intriguing and sometimes frustrating. 

How did collaboration emerge with your partner during the initial stages of the project? 
I tried to imitate my partner’s style and composition and started shooting from her perspective. 

How does your overall experience challenge or reinforce your existing ideas about the social and/or collaborative nature of photography? 
It takes a lot of time and effort to communicate, negotiate, and get along. It is not easy for all parties to reach a common ground, and not to mention a common goal. 

 What do you hope readers experience from this exhibition? 
To feel the incoherence and the disconnected in-between. From there you can expand your imagination and develop your own ways of seeing these images. 
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