Tuesday 7 November 2023

Exhibition at Fringe Club 15-19 Nov


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SAVE THE DATE for our After Sunset Festival at the Fringe Club on 15th to 19th November, 2023.

AFTER SUNSET at the Fringe

Hong Kong’s first Art, Tech & Heritage Festival - is a love letter to our city’s sunset industries and invaluable living heritage. The first edition will tell the story of a 60 yr old traditional Cantonese alleyway barbershop, Oi Kwan Barbers, through the vision of 23 HK-based Artists. The exhibition aims to archive this historical place and expand our collective memory through different artistic mediums: photography, sculpture, painting, dance, digital media, illustration, poetry, video and more.

The week-long After Sunset at the Fringe is in partnership with the Fringe Club and supported by Design Trust. It will include talks, panel discussions, film screenings, concerts, performances, workshops and the Jo Sun Market. With something for everyone including family activities, we welcome you to immerse yourself in a festival that celebrates heritage innovation in a fun and exciting way.

香港首屆集藝術、科技與遺產保育一身的藝術節,一封寫給這城市裡夕陽產業及仍活存社區遺產的情書。 通過二十三位香港藝術家的視角,我們講述一家擁有60年歷史的傳統粵式小巷理髮店愛群理髮的故事。 展覽通過攝影、雕塑、繪畫、舞蹈、數字媒體、插圖、詩、視角藝術等不同的藝術媒介來保育這個歷史場所,並擴建我們的集體記憶。 

為期一周的After Sunset Festival 與藝穗會合作,並得到 Design Trust 的支持。 將包括講座、小組討論、電影放映、音樂會、表演、研討會和早晨市集。 我們為個人及家庭提供不同活動,歡迎您沉浸在這個以創意和趣味來慶祝傳統創新的藝術節之中。

Produced by Oi Kwan Barbers, In-between Architects & Cheung Chau Wave

Supported by Design Trust & The Fringe Club







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