Monday 31 August 2009





A答:那當然了。Comfortable is not in the sense of doing it easily, it's more that ones found the approach more "fit it" with their own way of living. What KJ said about human being is actually quite true. You want to be a human and put yourself into it when you do music, the music you do therefore reflect how you want your life to be, or how you live your life.



不過若果不是V 的強烈推介《KJ音樂人生》,我根本不想看那個很串的天才KJ 的documentary。但看後覺很值得,V 的推介是正確的,這齣戲很好看,也拍得很認真,主角KJ對音樂的態度也很inspiring。



There is absolutely NO reason for NOT seeing this film !

KJ 音樂人生 is totally delightful, stimulating, enlightening,humourous, naughty and at the same time serious, inspiring and awe-inspiring !!!

Those who don’t love music will love it, those who love music will love, love, love it.

KJ is a most talented pianist, a prodigy, a passionate guy, a witty guy, a cute guy, a jerk (to some who don’t understand him) and a musical genius ! Simply a gift from heaven !

I would consider myself very fortunate and proud if I could get to know such a lovely person who has so much passion for music and humanity, and who has such an open mind. And I would count myself very blessed and would have one more mission in life if I would have such a child as my son. (Some of us discussed the role of his parent [the father] in the film as a parent to a genius, and we had very different
views.) I would love to discuss the issue with you guys, but only if you have seen the film.

The experience of watching the film was ecstatic (like having a good trip ? Do I really know what it means by having a good trip since I don’t do drugs ? Guys, it is just something like the trip of Coleridge I talked to you about in the sensuous and ecstatic visit to the stately pleasure dome of Kubla Khan in Xanadu). We were so high, at least, I was.

This is the most pleasant and delightful surprise of the year.Though I have heard many good things about the film before I went, I never expected it to be such a special treat. Maybe, I shouldn’t build up your expectation too much here lest you would find it not so interesting and exciting.

For quoting Tao Kit said (I forgot about which film), “If you could only see one movie this year, make it this one !”

It talks about the DBS boys and the very talented student musicians at that school. Maybe, you’ll find yourself or your shadow there.

Some may think KJ is cocky, but what the fuck, who cares !? If you were such a genius like him and when you got misunderstood, you would probably be double cocky. He might be串爆 sometimes, but so what ! He gets the right attitude when it comes to ‘doing the right thing’or ‘making the right choice’. Everything about our lives is about making choices, sometimes you are an arsehole, a heartless jerk, a selfish prick, a gentleman, a nice chap, a generous guy, a genius or a compassionate
man totally depends on your choices.

I strongly believe in that, and we always have our choices. Having no choices is no excuse for doing despicable things. KJ says, “It is OK to end up homeless (cos he always puts his passion for life [to be humanistic] and music first) ? but the world is never hopeless !”