Thursday 3 December 2009



香港是一個只有一千多平方公里的城市。一百多年來形成了它所獨有的文化及生活方式。受英國教育模式的影響,部分學校又形成了分校(學校分為男校及女校)的格局。隨着成長,對異性的窺視所带來的好奇又因为這种教育形式受到壓抑。快速發展的商業社會促成了人與人之間更深的隔閡 。



時間:15:00 – 17:00


Set Free
(Bobby Shum solo photo exhibition)

Hong Kong is an international metropolis with around 1000 square kilometers. The hundred years of history contributed to it's unique local culture and life style. Under the influence of the British education system in the colonial period, there were many schools in where students were only boys or girls. Because of such special growing environment, youngsters' curiosity the opposite sex was encouraged, but was also suppressed in their peer groups. As a result, gap of communication between people became wider and wider under the rapid growth of economy.

The photography artist, Bobby Sham was one of the Hongkongers growing in such environment. He was passive in front of women that never gazes women, or even face them when he was young. Now although he has overcome his problem, he is interested to treat it as one of his creative themes. In 2006, he started to use photography to “set free” himself. He hid behind the large format camera, focused on the objects that he was shy to face in reality, and communicated with every “she”, who was also looking at the guy paying attention to them through the lens. Bobby’s works showed the “Kong ladies” (Hong Kong girls) innate nature, confident, unique and very local. Making use of the background of shooting place, Bobby successfully blown-up the unique character of each Kong lady and focused on them without shyness.

Lens is a bridge of communication between the photographer and the model, who are both encouraged to show off the personal core and transformed to another “me”.

Exhibition period: 2009.12.05 - 2010.02.26
Opening ceremony
Date :2009.12.05 - 2010.02.26
Time:15:00 – 17:00
Venue:ME Photo Art Gallery
A: 798 Middle First Street, 798 Art Zone, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, China