Thursday, 24 June 2010

19: my little sunshine

photo by Sleeper Mark

約了 M (Sleeper Mark) 好幾次,等到有陽光的這天特地來到我家拍照。

M 是睡眠者Sleeper,說話不多,是個文靜的人,他的相片總令人感到軟綿綿的,柔和的構圖像不吃人間煙火的少女眯著眼睛看世界。

我最初喜歡 M 拍相片是由這張 polaroid:「暗房的枱橙」開始,及後更喜歡他的SX70相片:「浮在海上發夢的椅子」「陽光.石頭.少女」(相片的名字是我自作主將地命名的:P)。它們都散發著溫柔的少女氣息,我還以 M 是女孩子呢。

這天 M 帶來了一台 6x6 雙鏡相機,我很好奇地問他借來拍了一張,因為機身很重,我總拿不穩相機,拍出來的相片失焦了。使用雙鏡相機和我平日用慣的單鏡相機的經驗完全不同,我更集中地準想把的景物,把鏡頭慢慢移動至理想的位置,然後雙手要保特穩定地對焦,雖然比用單鏡相機更果難,但是那種進入「必須很集中精神地拍攝」的經驗令我很著迷,所以我在考慮儲錢買一部性能良好的雙鏡相機。


這幾天工作很忙很忙,其實工作不算多,不過因為全都很趕,晚上回家也要破例開電腦把它們完成,其實我很想早點睡覺的,這幾天早上起來刷牙時都發現在深深的熊貓眼 @_@


about my Nude / Portrait:


Anonymous said...

I think you need to advance forward in your next project - your body portrait collection is increasing, yet the ideas and expressions behind seems to get repeated.
You have a statement that explains why you want to take body portrait, and maybe it now the time to revisit and rethink - is there any alternative? is the current way the best way to express my statement?

Just my 2 cents. :)

小丁 siuding said...

THX for you comment,

ideas and expressions behind seems to get repeated. <===

maybe someone will find it is broing to repeat something, but it also representing the "Continuity" and "Variation"
beside, my personal project should have a greater meaning to myself, rather then for the audience (although they can get their way to view it)

小丁 siuding said...

time to revisit and rethink - is there any alternative? <===

yes, i did it time to time, even the collection is increasing, but i take few photos then last year, i need to think more b4 act.

for alternative? <=== i also do acting, drawing....bla bla...

on the other hand, sometimes i try not to think, but act.
the will of action by unknow reason make me free, and the action also express more then writing an update artist statement ^_^

my artist statement, in some way, just a beautiful lie for the viewers demands, or for those want to have a clear "Definition" of my works.