Monday 27 August 2012

睇肉森林 Summer Killer - 洪竹筠個展 Ada Hung Solo Exhibition

睇肉森林 Summer Killer - 洪竹筠個展 Ada Hung Solo Exhibition

23 August - 11 September

The Coming Society
Flat 2, LG4, Kai Wong Commercial Bldg, 222 Queen's Road Central , Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


洪竹筠不斷觀察都市人在日常生活如何面對自己的慾望—尤其是這個時代的香港人,往往為了突顯自身的「文明」而過度自我克制;壓抑自己甚至監控別人的情感慾望。在一個高舉「道德責任」的社會裡,即使面對慾望也要表現得體。展覽透過展出的一系列攝影作品、物件和錄像,展現盛夏海灘上泳客的身影 - 引人視線卻又不敢注視的影像!希望觀眾能擺脫社會的規範,盡情投入肉體的森林。

100 ft2 Park is pleased to present our inaugural exhibition Summer Killer from 23 August to 11 September 2012 which is also the first solo exhibition of Ada Hung.

Ada Hung has been interested in observing how people, especially Hong Kong people of this era, react to and confront with human desires in daily life. To emphasize that they are "civilized", people often behave overly with self-restraint, suppressing their own emotions and even scrutinizing others' feelings and desires. In a society where expects people to live with "moral responsibility", we are told to act appropriately even though we have our own desires and needs. On view in this exhibition is a series of photographic works, objects and video work showing images of swimmers on the beach in summer; images that attract us but we dare not to look at openly! Audience is invited to liberate themselves from the social norms and immerse themselves in images of the human flesh.



About 100 ft2 Park

100 ft2 Park is a non-commercial mini art space founded by three art practitioners in 2012. We aim to exhibit works in all media in a small space of 100 square feet. Through exhibiting works, we hope to be a hub for art-lovers and provide an open platform for artists to share their creative thoughts.