Tuesday 19 February 2013


Party on Saturday night. D, S, D and D's boyfriend are Spanish, others are Hongkongnese, we all talk in English, and later spit into Spanish and Cantonese speaking groups, as M also can speaks Spanish. All of us are studying German in different levels now, none of us speak in german here :P except F and M are german.

這天晚上 F 和 M 帶齊了材料即席做 Pizza 實在很厲害,D 和 S 帶來了軟芝士,I 和 Y 為我們做了咖喱雞和疏菜沙律,全部都很好味道。我帶了早上煮的鹵水雞脾和鹵水蛋,外國朋友讚好吃,連香港的朋友也說很入味,M 還向我請教了做法打算自己在家裡做。其實都是 Y 教我做的,成功了!鹵水雞脾萬歲!我打算下次為大家準備湯圓,但可能餃子會讓大家吃得更開心。