Wednesday 12 February 2014

你的名字,我必須記 please remember my name by your heart

The 2nd animation screening with my Mac for the children in the children's home(CWE) in Pokhara.

We continued the last 10 mins of となりのトトロ (Tonari no Totoro, My Neighbor Totoro, English version), which was cut off by the electricity shortage (I forgot to charge it in the afternoon with the electricity time) during the screening the night before. Everyone liked it very much. Then the french animation "L'Illusionniste" (Illusionist) was presented, less children enjoyed it, my elder students told me that they did not understand.

NAMRATA found me all the names of my drawing at the end of the screening.
"Thank you very much." I said to her.
"And you remember my name?" She asked.
"NAMRATA." I pointed at her name in the drawing.
"Can you remember it by heart?" she requested.
"I will try my best, there are too many names for me, you know I have 10 elder students, then I have 10 more younger student 2 days ago." I complained (a bit).
"You only remember your students' names." she said sadly.
"I will TRY to remember all of you, I need more time." I insisted.

The other day NAMRATA showed up in the office and asked if I remembered her name.
"RAM-RI-TA." I said slowly.
"NAMRATA" she corrected.

I always remember a person by an image instead of name. I see them walking around and I want to ask something sometimes, I recognise their faces with no names.

"Could you help me for XXX?" I asked.
"Could you." they noticed it later, BIRAJ and SANTOSH smiled and repeated.

I would like to have a application of an image search (like Google image search) for names in my computer later.

ps. I tried to remember my students' names by marked them on chocolates, given them as small gifts. Then I drew a class timetable by putting all their names inside. I hope I could remember all their name very soon. And, the making of this drawing was also a practice of memorising their names.