Friday 13 March 2015

二三四年前的你 your were there

This kind of photographies are more interesting to me, i do not like them years ago though.

最近把 backup hard-disk 偷偷抄下你們的《怒漢推歌》聽完,仍然精彩!
Listened all your archive radio programmes stocked in my hard-disk 3 years ago, you guys were funny and full or humour.

影左好耐啦,終於 post 一張你最型嘅出黎,睇住先,其他仲未搞:P
Your smart look portrait has been taken for 3 years ago, the rest of them are still under processing unfortunately :P

我地又合作啦~ yeah~
We work together again now ~ happy ~

Always miss you, hugs.