Wednesday 28 March 2018

【Nude Photography Workshop】Taiwan【人體攝影工作坊】台灣

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分享2月份在香港由【體祭】舉辦的人體攝影工作坊的節目及學生作品,在 Marcel Sauder 的指導下,不少同學第一次學習拍攝人體已有不錯的作品。


2月10日【人體攝影工作坊】II 及學生作品分享

Really looking forward to our new two workshop in Taichung and Taipei this April!
【Nude Photography Workshop】Taichung*
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【Nude Photography Workshop】Taipei*
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Sharing the event photos and students' works from the 【BODY FEST Nude Photography Workshop】in February.

Marcel is the best teacher ever. Some students came with absolutely no experience but had learned the techniques very quickly.

3/2 (SAT) 【Nude Photography Workshop】event photo and students' work

10/2 (SAT) 【Nude Photography Workshop II】event photo and students' work