Wednesday 6 July 2022

身體故事:擁抱她 Holding her

Article: @siuding_ii 
English translation: Linda Cheung @everybodyastory
Photos: Linda Cheung @everybodyastory
Models: Jasmine , @siuding_ii 



At a photoshoot near the coast this morning, I embraced a girl I just met, both of us naked. I climbed on her body. She could even lift me. Her skin holds the colour and warmth of the sun; it's soft to touch and solid within. The scent of her body is light, like soil mined and sieved into clay, waiting to become porcelain. The delicate smell of soil, the breath of a sunflower. I really like holding her.

On our way back, she was the only one among the three of us who could walk barefoot on the beach, rocks and concrete paths. She said the little insects moving along the railing on the trail are putting on a fashion show. The photographer said on the side, this is the highway for bugs. Before the shoot, we came across a little green snake on the side of our path. Excited, she snapped a few photos of the snake. She said she is like a snake which reborns through constant shedding. Good things happen every time she sees a snake. Perhaps this was the sign for our shoot.